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Services and rates


Initial Sports Massage

1 hour - 1 hour 30 minutes

The initial massage includes a treatment and consultation. 

It will include an overall assessment of the horse. I will take a thorough history and evaluate the horses conformation and posture when at rest and during motion (walk, trot and canter). Often I will be interested to see the horse ridden if available.

I will then work thoroughly over the whole body, using a mixture of sports massage techniques and passive stretching to release tension which has been identified.



Follow up sports massage

45 minutes - 1 hour

Follow-up appointments will be made based on findings from the initial assessment.

They will cover the whole body but the routine will be tailor made to the individual horse, with more time spent on problem areas.  As the horse becomes accustomed to the techniques used, the therapist can work deeper into the muscles. Horses often need more than one session to reap the full benefits of massage, with the timescale varying from the following week to 6 weeks time. This will be discussed with the client so that it is realistic for the horse and what the rider hopes to achieve.




Rehabilitation sports massage

45 minutes- 1 hour

This is a massage suitable for particular musculo-skeletal problems, loss of performance or injury in the horse; e.g. crookedness, back pain, stiffness, specific conditions, after a fall.  The treatment covers the whole body but time is spent focusing on problem areas.



Rehabilitation programmes

Equine physical rehabilitation has numerous goals, in­cluding assisting in injury recovery, improving patient mobility, alleviating signs of illness, and maintaining health through strength training. When a horse sustains an injury, extensive rehabilitative techniques often are required. Each horse is different and the programme will be tailored to the individual and stage of healing.


Painted horse demonstration

Live painted horse demonstrations are a fantastic educational tool! They are designed to cover important topics.

Topics may cover:

  • The benefits of pole work, grid work and cavaletti

  • GYM training and core strengthening

  • Anatomy

  • Biomechanics

  • Saddle fit

  • The importance of core musculature

  • Dynamic stretching

  • Proprioception and co-ordination

The great thing about these demonstrations is that they can be an interesting day at your yard and bring new ideas and methods.

Special Offer Early Bird-min.jpg


  • Group bookings

When booking initial consultation / follow up massage for more than one horse at the same yard on the same day get £5 off each horse. 


  • Recommend a friend

Existing clients, recommend a friend you will receive £10 off your next session.

Terms: Your friend must be a new client and mention your recommendation when booking their initial session.  Following this session you will then be given a £10 discount on your next massage.  You may only receive one discount per visit and this cannot be used with any other discount.  This offer applies only once per recommendation but you may receive multiple discounts by recommending additional friends. 


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